October, 2005

Turks & Caicos Students Among Floridians’ Affected By Wilma

Hardbeatnews, MIAMI, FL, Fri. Oct. 31, 2005: Some 171 students from the Turks and Caicos Islands, who are presently studying at various institutions in Florida, are among the millions of Floridians affected by the deadly Hurricane Wilma, which struck the sunshine state last Monday, Oct. 24.

Guyana Prez. Names New Ministers

Hardbeatnews, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Mon. Oct. 31, 2005: Guyana’s President, in a slight cabinet shakeup, has named new ministers of transport and hydraulics and culture, youth and sports.

President Bharrat Jagdeo named the former executive director of the Social Impact Amelioration Program, Harry Narine Nawbatt, as the new transport and hydraulics minister.

Jamaican-American Pol. Wants Rosa Parks Commemoration Day

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Oct. 31, 2005: Jamaican-American Councilmember Yvette Clarke, (D-Brooklyn), wants an official ‘Rosa Parks Commemoration Day’ in New York City.

The city politician’s request, which will be officially introduced as a resolution to the New York City Council soon, comes as a nation bids final farewell to the civil rights icon, whose body lies under the soaring dome of the Capitol Rotunda for public viewing. She will be laid to rest in Detroit on Wednesday.

Antigua PM Calls For Swift Justice Following Sexual Assault Of Top Senator

Hardbeatnews, ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Mon. Oct. 31, 2005: As Antigua’s President of the Senate, Hazlyn Mason Francis, recovers from a brutal sexual assault, Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer is calling for swift justice against Francis’ assailant.

Senator Francis, was reportedly raped and robbed in the wee hours of Friday morning, Oct. 28, by an unidentified intruder who entered her home while she was asleep. Police continue to hunt for the attacker as Spencer called the attack “a tragedy of unspeakable proportions.”

“The country has received the news of Senator Francis’ trauma with shock and disgust,” he stated. “My heart goes out to my friend and parliamentary colleague over the terror that intruded into her home and into her life this morning. The atrocity inflicted upon Senator Francis shames and defiles our entire nation.”

But the PM expressed confidence that law enforcement officers will move swiftly and work around the clock to bring the perpetrator to justice.

He also called upon anyone with information about the attacker to assist police.

Quake Again Rattles T&T

Hardbeatnews, St. AUGUSTINE, Trinidad, Mon. Oct. 31, 2005: Another earthquake rattled portions on Trinidad on Friday evening, some four days after the October 24 shudder.

The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Unit reported that the earthquake was felt in areas of northern, central and southern Trinidad on October 28 at 6:30 pm local time. It registered 5.0 on the Richter scale, just a tad higher than the 4.9 quake registered on Oct. 24.

Former U.S. Special Agent To Barbados Faces Jail Time

Hardbeatnews, WASHINGTON, D.C., Fri. Oct. 28, 2005: A U.S. special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, who served the department’s country attache in the Barbados Office from May 1997 through November 2002, now faces jail time.

James Agee, Jr., a special agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison after pleading guilty to a charge of submitting false reimbursement and expenditure reports to the DEA’s Fiscal Unit.

Trinidad Hit By 5th Explosion In Four Months

Hardbeatnews, PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, Fri. Oct 28, 2005: A fifth explosion in four months rocked the Trinidad capital of Port-of-Spain just after 10 yesterday morning leaving police late yesterday unclear as to whether it is linked to the four other bombings or is the work of copy cats.

Deportees To Caribbean Close To 6,000 For FY 2005

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Fri. Oct. 28, 2005: About 6,000 Caribbean immigrants were deported back to the region for the just-concluded fiscal year, October 2004 to August 2005, a slight drop from last year. But of that number, about 4,800 were criminal aliens, according to the recent U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement figures, obtained by HBN yesterday.

Windies Open First Match Against Australia’s Bulls

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Thurs. Oct. 27, 2005: The West Indies cricket squad, opening their Australia tour with a first test match against the Queensland Bulls, were holding the hosts at 217 for 8 off 53 overs at press time last night on the opening day of play.

Ricardo Powell was the pick of the Windies bowlers, bagging 4 for 58 while Dwayne Bravo grabbed 2 for 62 off 14 over respectively.

T&T Govt. Hands Over US$1 Mil To Katrina Fund

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Thurs. Oct. 27, 2005: Trinidad & Tobago’s Ambassador to the United States, Marina Valere, last Friday officially donated a whopping US$1 million to the Katrina Relief effort on behalf of her home government.

Ambassador Valere, presented two checks each in the sum of US$500,000 to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and to the Church World Service Katrina Fund, on October 20 to former President Bill Clinton at his Harlem office and to Reverend John McCullough of the Church World Service Katrina Fund at the Consulate office in New York.

Jamaicans Now Need Visas To Enter Cayman

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Thurs. Oct. 27, 2005: Come November 1, Jamaicans, Costa Ricans, El Salvadorians and Guatemalans seeking to enter the Cayman Islands must present a valid visa.

The Cayman Islands Government yesterday announced the new requirement for residents of the four countries in a move clearly aimed at tightening its immigration policies.

Antigua Defamation Case For Dec. Trial

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y., Thurs. Oct. 27, 2005: The defamation case brought against popular Antigua-based journalist Lennox Linton will come up for trial on December 8, Magistrate Maureen Payne Hyman ruled at a hearing yesterday.

The case against Linton, station manager of the island’s Observer Radio, is being brought by the country’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Gene Pestaina, over comments made on the September 16th edition of the program, ‘Wake Up Call.’