June, 2006

What we don’t know about consumer behaviour

We marketers like to think we control the world, and that consumers are mere playthings in our hands. That’s the myth which comforts us at night. But there’s a small voice in the back of our minds saying that consumer behaviour is never quite that predictable.

Caribbean Star postpones Curacao launch

The start up of the Caribbean Star Airlines Curacao service scheduled for July 13 has been postponed. A new date has not been set as the airline await clearance from the OECS regulatory body.

Caribbean Americans receive awards

Several Caribbean New Yorkers, including Hardbeatnews editor-in-chief, Felicia Persaud, were last night honored with Upliftment and Leadership awards at a Caribbean American Heritage Award ceremony hosted in downtown Manhattan.

Alleged Jamaican drug kingpin extradited

A Jamaican national, who US prosecutors claim financed, distributed and shipped thousands of pounds of ganja to Texas, Arizona and Washington between 1999 and 2005, has been extradited to the US to answer those charges.


Guyanese businessman Shaheed Roger Khan has been extradited from Suriname to the US after eluding both American and Guyanese authorities. The alleged drugs kingpin is wanted to answer several drugs charges.

Bob Marley Boulevard at last!

Twenty-five years after his death, legendary icon, Bob Marley continues to be memorialized and this Saturday in Brooklyn, he’ll finally have his own boulevard. It’s located in the Caribbean-populated borough of Brooklyn.

Jamaica and Cuba health pact

The Government is seeking to further strengthen its relationship and co-operation with Cuba in the field of health. This was stated by Minister of Health, Horace Dalley, during a meeting with Cuban counterpart, Dr. Jose Ramón Balaguer Caberra, on June 17 in Cuba.

CWC 2007 bugbear

Infrastructure for Cricket World Cup Cricket 2007 may be getting high marks from the hosts and organisers but one bug bear remains the availability and cost of accommodation which is riling cricket fans. The matter will be among items up for high level discussion early next week.

Cuba makes medical breakthrough

Cuba has started production of a vaccine using “plantibodies” to replace a more expensive and time consuming process being used by other countries to produce the hepatitis B vaccine.

CSM – Near to church, far from God

With concerns about land purchase rights out of the way, six OECS members are set to sign on to the Caribbean Single Market today but xenophobia might be a final stumbling block to its implementation.

Cuba positioning to be ICT leader

Cuba is positioning itself to become a leader in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in the Caribbean. It has launched a massive campaign that would be the envy of any Caribbean state. This year 200 000 IT professionals will graduate.