July, 2006

Dominica nursing drought soon quenched

A cure for a chronic shortage of nurses in Dominica could be in sight – as early as 2009. President of the Dominica State College, Dr. J. Annette Bardouille, said that with the technical assistance now being provided by Cuba, the days of less nurses than are needed may be soon over.

Bahamians after Chinese market

The Bahamas is on a major drive to attract more Shanghai residents. A tourism delegation is now in the Chinese city seeking to interest the Chinese in the sun-drenched 700-island-archipelago.

Official funeral for Miss Lou

Jamaica’s cultural ambassador, the beloved ‘Miss Lou,’ will be accorded an official funeral but no exact date for the funeral has yet been announced. Minister of Tourism, Entertainment & Culture, Aloun Assamba, which will head a committee to plan the funeral.

Haiti’s Neptune free at last

After more than two years in a Port-Au-Prince jail and several hunger strikes to protest his incarceration, former Haitian prime minister, Yvon Neptune, has been freed.

Tropical disturbance on the horizon

A vigourous tropical wave with a 1009 millibar low pressure area in the midAtlantic Ocean is becoming better organised and there is a chance of development into a tropical depression during the next few days.

West Indians less likely to marry whites

West Indian migrants are more likely to marry each other and less likely than African-Americans to marry Caucasians. That’s according to a new study on interracial marriage statistics among American-born blacks and black immigrants from the Caribbean and Africa.

Jamaica’s Miss Lou is dead

Miss Lou, the top Jamaican folklorist, poet, entertainer and comedienne, is no more.  The 86-year-old, born Louise Bennett-Coverley, passed away yesterday at the Scarborough Grace Hospital in Toronto, Canada.

Fidel Castro plans to step down

Cuban leader Fidel Castro is set to celebrate his 80th birthday on August 13th and took this opportunity to assure President Bush and all Americans that he does have plans for retirement.

Grenadian among UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

A former commanding officer of the Grenada Coast Guard Unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force is making history, becoming the only Grenadian to serve in the United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Trinidad CJ steps aside temporarily

Embattled Trinidad & Tobago Chief Justice, Satnarine Sharma, yesterday announced he will step aside from presiding over legal cases. Sharma says he will limit himself to only administrative functions, at least until his appeal case alleging political motivation in attempts to arrest him is heard in October.