September, 2006

9th tropical storm forms

The ninth tropical storm of the season, Isacc, formed yesterday in the mid-Atlantic ocean and is being drawn northward where he is expected to slowly intensify and then become extra-tropical as he moves into the colder north Atlantic towards Europe.

Guyana: More army weapons recovered

Another three AK47s stolen from the army in February this year have been recovered in a raid by lawmen in Guyana. Ballistics tests confirmed that they were used in the recent Rose Hall bank robberies.

St Maarten early warning system

St Maarten has installed a new Community Alert Warning System which will be activated for the first time next Monday. It is designed to avert a recurrence of the situation in 2005 where flash floods killed two people.

Jamaica, Florida cities to be twinned

The city of Lauderhill in South Florida and Falmouth in Trelawny, Jamaica are formally set to become sister cities today.  The formal relationship is expected to enhance ties leading to better relations in sports, culture, education, economic development and health.

Haiti wants more international support

Haiti’s ambassador to the United Nations wants donors to live up to their promises and support the poverty-stricken country in it effort to foster stability and economic growth.

Cricket World Cup ticket warning

Officials of ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc. are advising fans against buying match tickets on bids via e-Bay and on sites like and

Guyana Parliament convenes

Guyana’s ninth parliament opened yesterday after a delay of more than four weeks, with President Bharrat Jagdeo urging for “political trust” to achieve the task of building the country.

"LIAT 3" meet

Three Caribbean prime ministers are due to start talks in Kingstown, St Vincent this morning that will signal the opening and shape of negotiations for a merger between the two dominant intra-regional air carriers – Caribbean Star and LIAT.

Methanol trade pattern shifts

Trinidad and Tobago has the world’s largest methanol producing plants according to the recently released 2007 World Methanol Analysis by Chemical Market Associates but shifting trade patterns could impact on the industry.

Five Caribbean destinations win top tourism awards

Five English-speaking Caribbean countries have taken the lion share of tourism awards at the recently held 13th annual World Travel Awards. They included Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Turks and Caicos Islands.

UN told of economic and environmental shocks of Caribbean nations

Caribbean countries have voiced concern over global warming and unfair trade at the United Nations General Assembly underway in New York. In their addresses Tuesday, some Caribbean countries called for greater efforts to achieve greater energy efficiency to reduce global warming and fair trade.