May, 2007

BBC being sued over Woolmer programme

A Pakistani journalist is seeking 625,000 pounds in damages from the BBC claiming that he was defamed in a television documentary over the death of Pakistan cricket coach Bob Woolmer.

Antigua seeks compensation from USA

Antigua and Barbuda stepped up again like David taking on Goliath yesterday, demanding the United States pay up for its illegal restrictions on Internet gambling sites based overseas.

Former FRAPH leader on trial

The once feared Haitian paramilitary leader, Emmanuel “Toto” Constant, yesterday was told he must stand trial in a Brooklyn mortgage fraud case before being deported to Haiti.

Killed for messing with gangster girlfriend

Police are on the hunt for the killers of a 41-year old man who was gunned down on the weekend in a style that could have been straight from an Al Capone gangster movie. In fact Trinidad police say the murder was in fact gangster related because the man messed with the gangster’s girlfriend.

Rihanna’s Umbrella creates history in the UK

British fans last night gave Rihanna something to remember as she performed on stage at Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Preston. They voted her #1 on the UK Singles Chart on download sales alone – the first time it has been done since chart rules changed.

Guyana’s first people enjoying equal benefits, rights

The Guyana government is reporting substantia in-roads in civil rights for Guyana’s nine tribes of First People. In this feature, they report that Amerindians now enjoy proper health care, delivery of quality education to the children, school feeding programmes, school uniform distribution among others.

Carrington calls for movement on critical issues

Secretary General of CARICOM Dr Edwin Carrington has called for action on trade and air transportation. He told Caribbean trade and economic ministers that these were important issues but somehow the regional governments can’t seem to make progress.

Warren wins Red Bull Final

Ian Warren joined the Vaucluse Raceway roll of honour on Saturday (May 19) with victory in the Group Winners Handicap KnockOut Final, which brought an action-packed Red Bull International RallySprint to a floodlit close just before 9.00 pm; in the previous 11 hours, there had been more than 70 qualifying runs and 45 head-to-head races.

Joy for Jamaican family

A Jamaican woman whose deportation was ordered from England has been allowed to stay in the country indefinitely. Her two sons serve in the British army – one currently in Iraq and the other served as a poster boy for army recruitment. She applied for asylum in October 2003 and was turned down.