June, 2007

Irving inspiration Irie!

Jamaican pilot Barrington Irving, 23, has been called an inspiration to Jamaica and the world by the country’s Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, after he completed a solo flight around the world.

Will the “Guyanese Mafia” survive the Brown cut?

British politics is in flux. Gordon Brown, having replaced Tony Blair as prime minister means power to change ministers and it looks as though two “Guyanese Mafia” members – Valerie Amos and David Lammy – may be high risk cases in any reshuffle.

Court order halts shareholders vote in Barbados

The battle of two Trinidad financial titans for a slice of the Barbadian conglomerate, Barbados Shipping & Trading, has been temporarily stayed to allow a court hearing on a proceedural matter. At the same time a “David” is planning to use the stay to tread into the land of the “Goliaths”.

GRENADA 13: Three released

Three convicted murderers in a 1983 coup that overthrew the Maurice Bishop Administration, originally sentenced to death, have been freed by the High Court in Grenada bringing to seven the number released since 2000. The remaining 10 are eligible to be released soon.

Antigua accelerates programme to bridge digital divide

Another five communities in Antigua and Barbuda are soon to get high speed Internet centres as the government continues a programme of computer literacy. In addition, teachers in 18 government primary school will do a summer course in Information Technology.

Minister: Don’t blame VAT for price increases

Dominicans are grappling with an increase in the cost of food and other goods which increased soon after the introduction of the Value Added Tax but a government minister said the tax is only responsible for an increase in the cost of services, not goods.