July, 2007

Tropical Storm Chantal forms, forecasters watch 4th system

The third tropical storm of the season, Chantal, formed Tuesday morning after Tropical Depression 3, which formed last night, intensified. Chantal was located south of Halifax and poses no threat to land. Forecasters are carefully watching a disturbance 700 miles east of the southern Caribbean which can pose a threat by early next week.

Tropical depression 3 forms as forecasters watch for #4

Tropical Depression 3 formed late Monday night between the US east coast and Bermuda but poses no threat to land at this time. Forecasters at the National Hurricane Centre in Miami are also watching an area east of the Caribbean which could become a tropical depression shortly.

Two tropical systems show signs of development

Hurricane forecasters are closely monitoring two disturbances in the Atlantic which are showing signs of organising and have the potential to develop into tropical depressions. One is located west of Bermuda and the other east of Barbados.

Failed brakes may have caused deadly accident

A bus which crashed, killing six and injuring 37 Sunday may have had brake failure. One of the 37 injured who was discharged from hospital Monday told reporters that this appeared to be the case as the bus careened down the steep and dangerous Horse Hill.

Panday takes battle to Appeal Court

Former Opposition leader has disagreed with a ruling of the High Court reaffirming that he cannot retake his parliamentary seat without an election and is taking the matter to the Appeal Court.

Blair in Barbados

Tony Blair is on his 5th luxury vacation to Barbados at the Sugar Hill mansion of friend Sir Cliff Richards.

Timbaland ends Rihanna’s reign

After weathering the storm for 10 weeks with her old faithful Umbrella-ella-ella, the reign in the UK came to an end after British fans decided to focus on Timbaland’s The Way I Are.