August, 2007

Opposition wins Nevis seat

The Opposition in Nevis has won Monday’s by-election for a seat in the federal parliament. The election was held following the death of parliamentary representative for district nine, Malcolm Guishard.

Benschop gets presidential pardon

The man charged and jailed on treason charges for an assault on the president of Guyana has been pardoned and within hours of his release from prison, he stirred up a hornet’s nest, prompting clarifying comments from the government.

Demand for Grenada bananas

Since Hurricane Dean, which destroyed the banana crops in a few Caribbean islands, Grenada – itself a 2004 hurricane victim – has been reaping a windfall with its banana crop.

New election date for Jamaica

Jamaica’s government has confirmed a new election date following Hurricane Dean which caused a postponement of the polls scheduled for August 27.

Guyanese treason case comes up in USA

Former press aide to Rudy Giuliani, Guyanese Mark Benschop, who has been jailed in Guyana since 2002 on treason charges, will reportedly have his case heard by the Washington, DC-based Inter-American Commission for Human Rights.