November, 2007

Guyana minister in ‘hot water’

There have been calls for the resignation of a government minister over an alleged criminal incident. The matter could be discussed at this week’s Cabinet meeting.

WEEKEND FEATURE: One market, two separate worlds

At 11 am, five hours after the start of the market day on the southern border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the driver of the bright red Haitian truck named “God of Justice” swung down the back gate and started unloading the full load of 60kg burlap bags of coffee.

IMF recommends job cuts for St Vincent

The International Monetary Fund has expressed concern about fiscal deterioration and rising public sector debt in  St Vincent and the Grenadines and called on the government to take “painful” measures to correct it – including cutting public sector jobs.

Antigua backs aid-for-trade proposal

Minister of Finance and the Economy Dr Errol Cort says he’s fully supports by the World Trade Organisation “Aid for Trade” initiative and has welcomed a move by the World Bank to finance it.