June, 2008

WTO delegates following talks through news media

As closed-door meetings proceed between selected countries, other member states of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) have resorted to following media reports in an attempt to stay abreast with the current Doha Round of negotiations on agriculture and industrial goods.

IMF gives Haiti more funds to cope with rising prices

The International Monetary Fund has increased financial assistance to Haiti, disbursing another US$38.7 million to the country after completing a third review of it’s Haiti’s economic performance under the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement.

Cuba cautious about EU lifting sanctions

Cuba reacted cautiously to the announcement that the European Union would lift the diplomatic sanctions adopted after 75 dissidents received lengthy jail terms on charges of conspiring with Washington to destabilise the Cuban state, and three men convicted of hijacking a passenger ferry were executed, in 2003.

FEATURE: Producing more, consuming less

For the first time in living memory, Caribbean governments invested time and large sums of money to organise an emergency food summit at their trade bloc’s headquarters in Guyana aimed specifically at dealing with the global food crisis and the region’s spiraling import bill.

Conference on the Caribbean opens

As the second Conference on the Caribbean began in New York on Thursday, one Caribbean leader urged the United States to take hold of the investment opportunities in a region that is experiencing significant growth and transformation.

Fixed general election date for Jamaica

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) government is proceeding with plans to implement a fixed date for general elections, in fulfillment of a promise made during last year’s election campaign.