October, 2008

Big FDI for Jamaica with right steps

A Jamaica government minister is insisting that the country can attract and retain Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) of US$2 billion a year and enjoy growth rates of over five per cent if it makes the right moves.

US$10 million for Jamaican importers

Some 70 per cent of Jamaican importers of goods and raw materials from the United States, will benefit from a US$10 million line of credit, which has been secured by the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank of Jamaica, as the financial crisis in the US and around the world deepens.

Food crisis forces focus on Jamaica agriculture

Minister of Agriculture Dr Christopher Tufton says the world food crisis has forced investment in agriculture in Jamaica, and he’s pushing consumers to accept local food options as government promotes programmes to boost production and lessen the need for imports.

Hurricane affected Cubans get food aid

Almost two million Cubans affected by hurricanes Gustav and Ike – two of the worst disasters to strike the small island nation in the past 50 years – will receive vital assistance from the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) over the next six months.

Mud volcano erupts in Trinidad

Officials from the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited (Petrotrin) and the country’s fire service are expected to conduct an air quality inspection this morning before determining whether residents, evacuated after the eruption of a mud volcano in the south of the island, can return home.

Abduction alert system for Jamaica

Authorities in Jamaican are establishing an islandwide child-abduction alert system, expected to go into effect next month, on the heels of a recent spate of kidnappings.

New minimum wage for St Kitts workers

Minimum wage earners in St Kitts and Nevis will be taking home bigger pay cheques from next month. After public consultations and a review of the country’s minimum wage, the government has agreed to increase that figure by 28 per cent.