April, 2009

Swine flu & Grenadian students studying in Mexico

Letters from Grenada Blog: The Grenadian government has issued a rather sensible statement regarding swine flu and Grenadian students studying abroad in Mexico … in other words, no plans exist to recall students from Mexico.

Trade vessel sinks at St Kitts port

SKNVibes: A shipping vessel preparing for a standard voyage between St Kitts and Nevis sank after being partially loaded with its cargo of sand. The Dominica-registered MV BoII was scheduled to haul six trucks filled with sand from St Kitts to Nevis.

Marriott to brand new condo project on St Kitts

South Florida Caribbean News: Marriott Worldwide Corporation has signed a Residential Marketing License Agreement that will further expand Marriott’s presence on St Kitts with the addition of a major condominium development.

Swine flu forces prevention measures in Caribbean

There’ve been no cases of swine flu in the Caribbean, but health officials across the region are taking no chances, putting measures in place ranging from banning the importation of pork products to tightening security at their ports of entry. All this as the virus spreads to new areas and the World Health Organisation (WHO) warns that it cannot be contained.

US Stanford receiver lacks confidence in Antigua courts

The receiver appointed to Sir Allen Stanford’s companies in the United States (US) has told a court he has no confidence in the courts in Antigua and Barbuda to properly carry out the liquidation of Stanford International Bank Limited (SIBL), which is at the centre of the multi-billion dollar civil fraud charge laid against the Texan investor.

Antigua national security to be tightened

The Antigua and Barbuda government will be taking steps to tighten the country’s security and safety mechanisms, including replacing its Immigration and Passport Act with more effective legislation.

Stanford receiver details finding

DailyNews, Memphis: The court-appointed receiver who’s been working to untangle the complicated financial web of the Stanford Financial group of companies has given a detailed look into what he’s done so far and why.