January, 2011

Rihanna had a lesbian flame?

Times of India, India: Pop star Rihanna was involved in a lesbian relationship rumours, according to a Hollywood socialite, who made the sensational claims in a book.

REDjet coming with cheaper fares

Newsday, Trinidad: The REDjet airline, which boasts of offering affordable airfare without the hidden in-flight fees, will be launched in Trinidad and Tobago and across the Caribbean very soon.

Venezuela treating 135 for cholera

AFP, Venezuela: Venezuela said Monday it is treated 135 people for cholera after they were infected at a wedding in the Dominican Republic, where the disease has spilled over from an epidemic in Haiti.

Meeting on LIAT

Nation News, Barbados: The three major shareholders of the regional airline, LIAT, will meet in St Vincent on Wednesday to consider a number of issues related to the regional air transportation sector.