December, 2011

Castro pardons some 3,000 prisoners

Castro also announced that the government would grant early release to 86 foreign nationals from 25 countries, including 13 women, convicted of committing crimes in Cuba.

Show of Force

Express, Trinidad: Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of Anti-Crime Operations, Mervyn Richardson, last night expressed shock over the number of police officers who swooped down on CCN TV6 yesterday to execute a search warrant.

Another glum 2012 forecast

Nation News, Barbados: A hemispheric body?has predicted a bleak economic outlook for Barbados in 2012 – even bleaker than that projected by the Central Bank.

Germany commits US$6.5M to protected areas

Stabroek News, Guyana: The German government has come to the aid of Guyana’s Protected Areas Systems (GPAS) with an injection of US$6.5 million for Phase 2 of the project, which was initiated 15 years ago to protect some of the country’s richest biodiversity sites.