January, 2012

CEO: REDjet moving on

Nation News, Barbados: Chief Executive Officer of REDjet Ian Burns has denied that its future was in jeopardy and it needed an $8 million injection to keep operating.

Ex-Stanford employee tells jurors he saw problems

Fox News, USA: A former employee of Texas financier R. Allen Stanford told jurors at Stanford's fraud trial Wednesday that he believes he saw the former billionaire making up accounting figures used in an annual report to woo investors.

Portia stalls JEEP

Gleaner, Jamaica: The highly anticipated Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme (JEEP) failed to get off the ground in St Ann yesterday, with the Government all but admitting to misleading the nation.

Newt Gingrich prepared to bomb Cuba

The Australian, Australia: Newt Gingrich was ahead in the rhetorical war among Republican presidential hopefuls on who could be toughest on Cuba's communist regime, suggesting yesterday that he would bomb the island if there were a popular uprising.

Rowers reach Barbados (VIDEO)

ITV, UK: Finally, after more than seven weeks at sea, the band of injured servicemen who have been rowing across the Atlantic finally reached their destination.