Multi-platform-Media-GroupCaribbean360 provides advertisers with the unique opportunity to reach a diverse Caribbean audience.

We offer the right tools to target your audience and can tailor a package that meets your specific needs.  Advertising options range from traditional banner and rich media advertising to sponsored content, email bulletins and alerts.  Caribbean360 is dedicated to delivering measurable results that meet your business requirements.

Caribbean360 readers comprise a valuable market for advertisers.  With the expansion of cable and satellite television and a general increase in media static, effectively reaching Caribbean consumers has often proved difficult for advertisers targeting a Caribbean audience and the wider diaspora.  With such a strong presence in the region, Caribbean360 provides advertisers with a targeted audience of Caribbean consumers as well as the diaspora interested in Caribbean news, events, opinion, weather and sports.


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Iain Dale calls it “the most comprehensive pan-Caribbean blog”, while the Keele Guide lists it as one of only five “Media and News” sources for the “Caribbean and Central America Generally”. – Wikipedia


Reach your target audience / markets via web, email, social

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Banner ad sizes (IAB standard) include:
  • Leader board (728×90 pixels)
  • Skyscraper (300×600 pixels)
  • Medium rectangle (300×250 pixels)
  • Half banner (300×100 pixels)
  • Interstitial (View sample. Ad sizes can vary)

For information on advertising rates and banner ad specifications, please contact us.

E-mail Bulletins

2014: Caribbean360 delivered 7,732,947 email bulletins which were viewed more than 3,620,178 times and clicked on 1,858,063 times by subscribers. An advertiser running an annual campaign in all of our email bulletins would have generated more than 3.6 million banner impressions.






For information on advertising rates and banner ad specifications, please contact us.





 Social Media


Sponsored Content

sponsored-contentAdvertisers can target specific audiences within the Caribbean360 community by placing traditional banner ads or sponsoring content, site sections or events associated with Caribbean360.

Sponsorship rates are available upon request.  For information on advertising rates and banner ad specifications, please contact us.