A sale too hot to handle

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, December 29, 2006 – A crowd too hot to handle forced the closure of an innovative late night sale by the furniture store Courts (Barbados) Limited at two of three of its locations yesterday.

The store which started innovative short-bursts night-time incredible sales within recent years had too big and an unruly crowd on its hands at the Bridgetown superstore last night, the Daily Nation reported.

Two minutes before the scheduled 6:00 pm start of the “Red Light, Green Light, Late Night Sale”, also known as the Door Buster, the crowd started kicking the storm shutters which protect the door. An appeal for calm by a store executive was briefly observed. The security and police were doubled in number but they could not control the crowd of a few thousand people – more than the store could hold. When the frontliners started kicking again, Managing Director Nick Mison cancelled the sale.

At two other branches on the outskirts of Bridgetown there were also large crowds requiring more security.

At one store in Mall Internationale, it was a literal door buster when the glass door was broken and a woman sustained injury. That sale was cancelled 55 minutes after it started.

At another location at Sheraton Centre mall, the doors too had to be closed prematurely but order was quickly restored and the sale resumed, the Daily Nation said.