Antigua accelerates programme to bridge digital divide

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, June 27, 2007 – Another five communities in Antigua and Barbuda are soon to get high speed Internet centres as the government continues a programme of computer literacy. In addition, teachers in 18 government primary school will do a summer course in Information Technology.

Government said the initiative, which is part of the Community Technology Programme, will enable teachers to develop information technology skills and will better prepare them for the next school year.

Minister of State with responsibility for Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunications, Dr Edmond Mansoor says the initiative is a collaborative project between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Telecommunications.

“ICTs have an enormous potential, and by bringing that enormous potential to teachers, they too are assisting in the process of building an intelligent nation … not withstanding Antigua and Barbuda’s macro-development challenges, teachers and students will not be left behind. The Government is deploying technology to help people communicate, foster the flow of information and knowledge, and accelerate the pace of development” said Minister Mansoor.

The training programme will be conducted in two sessions, the first of which commences on July 09 at the Villa Community Computer Access Centre. Teachers must pre-register to enroll in one of the training sessions, which will be supervised by Jeanette Mason, Education Planner and Administrative Assistant in the Ministry of Education.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda has opened computer laboratories that are equipped with high speed internet access in Greenbay, Villa, Liberta, Sea View Farm, and Lower Ottos.

Community Computer Access Centres are nearing completion in Jennings, Five Islands, Cobbs Cross, Potters and All Saints.

Plans are also well advanced for the development of similar centres in Ovals, Freeman’s Village, John Hughes and Old Road.

The Community Computer Access Centres are a component of the Community Technology Programme which is being used by government to promote computer literacy, bridge the digital divide and connect Antigua and Barbuda to the information super highway.