Barbadian Branding Agency Takes Part in HR Conference

Blueprint Creative’s co-founder and Managing Director, Ron Johnson in one of his presentations at the conference.

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday June 7, 2018
– Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading strategic branding agencies recently took to the stage with speakers from the Cayman Islands, the USA, Canada and Afghanistan at the recently held annual conference of the Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals (CISHRP) – one of the region’s most respected HR associations.

Blueprint Creative’s co-founder and Managing Director, Ron Johnson conducted two brand-related presentations to the HR professionals who attended the conference.

To some, the idea of a branding agency conducting workshops at an HR conference may seem…odd. After all, branding professionals tend to focus mainly on communications with customers and other external stakeholders, while HR professionals primarily focus on internal issues that have an impact on employees.

But Johnson believes that the inclusion of brand workshops at an HR convention makes perfect sense. Johnson said that he and his team at Blueprint Creative believe that truly great branding starts on the inside of the organization, not the outside, and that HR professionals are actually ‘branding professionals in disguise’. He also noted that branding/HR collaborations were becoming more common across the world.

“Across the globe, the HR environment is going through several changes”, he said. “One of these is a trend where organizations are breaking down the silos between HR and branding professionals, so they can work more closely together and achieve powerful organizational synergies. Globally, we’re seeing HR and branding work more closely together on a range of projects, including internal communications, content marketing, recruitment and employer branding initiatives.”

Johnson said that the three-day conference, which took place in Grand Cayman was a ‘great opportunity’ for Blueprint Creative to share its ideas, experiences and knowledge with the Caymanian business community while also gaining insights from the inspiring co-presenters who conducted workshops and delivered keynotes at the event.

CISHRP 2018 attracted around 200 HR professionals and featured 25 speakers. The impressive roster of speakers included Afghan social activist and CNN Hero, Razia Jan; Director of Human Resources at Steelcase, Michelle Biro; author and TEDx speaker, Joy Baldridge; Social Marketing Manager at Globoforce, Mike Wood; author and speaker, Antonio Nevez ; and Rob Catalano, who is co-founder of and who was named a 2018 Top 100 Global Employee Engagement Influencer. The speakers presented on a range of topics, including talent management, emotional intelligence, the employee experience, dealing with failure, and agility through technology.

Johnson conducted two sessions at the conference, both of which focused on the intersection between branding and HR. The first was a presentation entitled Branding and HR sitting in a tree, and explored ways that companies’ branding and HR professionals can work together to build powerful organizational synergies. The session was a part of the global DisruptHR series which bills itself as ‘the rebellious future of HR’. In the DisruptHR format, presenters are given only five minutes to present their ideas to audiences, with the presenters’ on-screen slides changing every 15 seconds – whether or not the presenter is ready for the slide to change. The DisruptHR format ensures that that speakers do not veer off topic during their presentations and that audience members receive powerful lessons in a very short space of time.

Johnson also conducted an hour-long, interactive workshop entitled Why you should encourage ‘The F-word in the workplace’ which explored the reasons why companies should proactively integrate ‘The F-word’ (‘fun’) into the workplace environment.

In Barbados, Blueprint Creative has been on the forefront of the movement in Barbados to encourage HR/branding collaborations. Over the last few years, the company has been conducting research that benefits the branding and HR communities, publishing articles on topics related to the intersection between branding and HR, and encouraging businesses to include their HR professionals in conversations related to their company’s brands.

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