Caribbean 20/20 Conference for DC

WASHINGTON DC, USA, February 26, 2007 – The governments of the United States and CARICOM are jointly hosting a Caribbean 20/20 Conference in the American capital in June at which at CARICOM Heads of Government are expected to attend.
Ambassador Ellsworth I. A. John of St Vincent and the Grenadines to the United States said that the conference is taking place, June 19-21, against the backdrop of the recent coming into being of the CARICOM Single Market in 2006 and the positive efforts towards the creation of the framework for the Single Economy by 2008.  

“This Conference is being structured in such a way that there is Government to Government and people to people interaction as well as interaction between the Governments and the people.  This will be the first time the policy makers, the international financial institutions, academic community, private sector, and people of the Caribbean and the United States will interface in one Conference to examine the growth and development of the Caribbean Community from a regional perspective,” he said.

He said that four major results were expected from the conference. These are: (1) The strengthening of the relationship between the United States and CARICOM by addressing the priority areas for the Caribbean’s future growth and development including issues related to trade, competitiveness and investment in mutually beneficial and reinforcing ways; (2) The deepening and broadening of the dialogue between the Governments and People of CARICOM and the Government and People of the United States of America aimed at renewing the appreciation of US policy makers of the potential of the Caribbean; (3) The strengthening of the relationship among the different Caribbean Diaspora communities in the United States as well as examining mutually rewarding mechanisms for harnessing their skills in support of the Region’s development; (4) The enhancement of the image of the Caribbean in the United States.