Caribbean Airlines acquires Tobago Express

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, September 20, 2007 – Caribbean Airlines announced that it has acquired all the outstanding shares in Tobago Express and will be commencing operational management of the airbridge under its code from 1st October 2007.  

Under new management the airbridge will maintain the present schedule with the current fleet and the ongoing support of Caribbean Airlines’ Boeing 737-800 aircraft at times of high demand.  The airbridge will continue to be regulated by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago.

Tobago Express employees will receive statutory severance packages and offered new and enhanced 3 month transition contracts with Caribbean Airlines.  During this time Caribbean Airlines will work with its employees and customers to design the optimum airbridge service. Following this, staff will be given opportunities to join Caribbean Airlines’ permanent ranks. 

“Caribbean Airlines plans to offer seamless connections between the islands for local and international travelers, making the destination part of its network” says Caribbean Airlines CEO Peter Davies.  “Our schedule will also link other carriers landing in Port-of-Spain to Crown Point bringing more visitors to Tobago”.

Caribbean Airlines is committed to bringing the same on-time performance and customer service levels it delivers to its current customers.  It has already developed check-in capabilities, online booking and payment solutions for both customers and travel agents and plans to enhance the overall airport experience. 

“We will aim to have a seamless transition for our customers and business partners,” adds CEO designate, Philip Saunders. “We are convinced that by concentrating on improving distribution processes and customer service we can build the foundation for the future sustainability of the airbridge”

The route will benefit from being part of the global distribution system used by Caribbean Airlines, giving International travel agents access to the route seat availability and opportunities to sell the destination to their clients on a global basis.

Caribbean Airlines will service all flights between Trinidad and Tobago in the most efficient and professional manner in which it currently operates its entire network.