Companies with Professional Websites More Credible Than Those Without

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday April 5, 2018 – Barbadian consumers tend to view companies with professional websites as being more credible than those without. This is one of the revelations uncovered in a recent Antilles Economics/ Blueprint Creative survey and summarized in an Executive Summary entitled The Employee View of the Employer Brand.

Considering that corporate credibility can have a significant impact on the overall success of an organization, Barbadian companies seeking to build trust among customers, employees and the public should pay particular attention to their online presence.

In the recent survey, when asked: “Do you believe that, in general, companies with a professional website are more credible than those without one?”, 30.6 per cent of respondents strongly agreed, while 32.2 per cent somewhat agreed with the statement. Combined, 62.8 per cent agreed that companies with a professional website are more credible than those without one.

Curiously, respondents of the survey appear to be less convinced that an active social media presence adds to the credibility of businesses. When asked “Do you believe that, in general, companies that are more active on social media are more credible than those that are not?”, only 12.7 per cent of respondents strongly agreed, while 25.6 per cent somewhat agreed. Combined, four in ten persons (38.3 per cent) agreed that companies that are more active on social media are more credible than those that aren’t.

The survey was carried out by Antilles Economics, an insights consulting firm and Blueprint Creative, one of Barbados’ leading branding agencies.

Ron Johnson, Managing Director of Blueprint Creative, advised companies to pay close attention to their online presence as it has the potential to influence the way in which their organizations are viewed. He said companies should make their websites as dynamic as possible by having updated information and active blog posts designed for potential customers and potential employees who may visit the company’s webpage looking for information on the organization.

Referring specifically to survey respondents’ views on the importance of social media as a credibility tool, Johnson called the results “insightful.” He noted that although respondents of the survey viewed having a professional website as adding more credibility than being active on social media, companies should still consider social media an important component of their digital strategy.

He noted that several Barbadian companies have success stories on how they have leveraged social media to their benefit. However, he cautioned that companies that were active on social media, but didn’t have a professional website may be taking a hit when it comes to credibility. This, Johnson said, could negatively impact those companies’ sales in the long run. He said it would be better for those companies to remain active on social media while improving their website presence.

Stacia Howard, Managing Director of Antilles Economics, added that further research would be needed to uncover additional insights relating to the use of social media by businesses. She pointed out that “not all social media is created equal” and encouraged companies to survey their customers to find out specifically which social media platforms their clients utilized most often.

“Just because one company in a specific industry finds success using one particular social media platform, it doesn’t automatically mean that your business should also be on that platform,” she said. “It’s up to every organization to conduct their own research and determine which platforms work best for their organization.”

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