Dominica union proposes 3% wage increase, hints at industry unrest

salary_400x235ROSEAU, Dominica, Thursday October 2, 2014, CMC –
The Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) Wednesday reiterated a call for a meaningful salary increase for its members hinting at the possibility of industry unrest in the near future.

DPSU general secretary Thomas Letang told a news conference that the union had submitted counter proposal to the government’s zero per cent offer over a three-year period.

“The Dominica Public Service Union after reviewing a number of factors we are proposing salary or wage increases of three per cent, three per cent and four per cent respectively for the triennium 2012/2015,” he said.

He told reporters that in 2000-2001 “we got no salary increase, in 2001-2002, two per cent and 2002- 2003, zero.

“On an average for this triennium 2000- 2003 the increase was 0.67 per cent,” he said, noting that for the triennium 2003- 2006 “there was a wage freeze, zero, zero, zero”.

Letang said that for the period 2006-2009, public sector workers received a three per cent salary increase in the first year, one per cent in the second year and two per cent in the third year, an average of two per cent for the triennium.

He said the average salary increase for the years 2009-2012 was 1.84 per cent, noting that on average public officers have been paid salary increases of 1.13 per cent from 2000-2012.

“What I am saying if the government gives us the three, three and four that we are asking for that will work out to an average of 1.15 per cent over a 15 year period, less than two per cent.

“So you will agree with me, public officers have not been getting any reasonable salary increase over the years. We have to think of Social Security contribution which has increased and will continue to increase, we have to think of the cost of living…and the list goes on and on”.

Letang said there have been “certain activities” taking place within the society that indicate to the union “that the resources are available to give an increase to public officers”.

He told reporters that as part of the mobilization efforts, the union would be keeping the public informed and would also be visiting its members at various government offices.

Letang warned that the union would be taking “certain actions” to let government know that it is not satisfied with the ongoing negotiations.

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