Don’t Bet On It: Indigenous Hotel In Guyana Denied Casino Licences


Operators of the SleepIn International Hotel and Casino Inc will try at another casino licence application soon.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Monday November 7, 2016 –
 It’s website promises that a Carnival Casino is “coming soon”. But guests at SleepIn International Hotel and Casino will have to wait longer for that – if they get it at all.

The Guyana Gaming Authority has denied the application filed by the hotel company for licences to operate a casino, because it did not provide evidence it was financially able to run a gambling operation.

The applications for a Casino Operator’s Licence and a Casino Premises Licence were submitted back in August. But in a statement issued today, the Guyana Gaming Authority said that after thoroughly considering the application it “unanimously found no evidence upon which it could arrive at a determination that SleepIn International Hotel & Casino Inc. qualifies for the issuance of the licences applied for”.

It identified the company’s failure to provide the Authority with documents to support its financial soundness and capability, one of the critical criteria for the granting of such licences.

“The Authority has cited this deficiency as a grave defect in the applications, which necessitates a refusal of the applications for a Casino Operator’s Licence and a Casino Premises Licence, since the regulations…speak clearly and specifically to the financial soundness and financial capability of the applicant,” it added, noting that SleepIn International Hotel & Casino Inc. had been notified of the decision.


The hotel’s website states that a casino is one of the amenities coming soon.

SleepIn International Hotel & Casino Inc, which has two branches in Georgetown, has announced it will submit new applications with the required information.

“The company is currently in the process of accumulating this information and will be submitting new applications along with this information in due course,” it said in a statement.

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