Don’t Lose Your Money! Secure it the mMoney Way

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Wednesday February 14, 2018 – It’s your worst nightmare—you drop your wallet or purse somewhere, and all your cash is suddenly gone, never to be seen again. You feel you’ve lost your mind, not just your money and wallet.

It’s almost certainly happened to you or someone you know. But that was the old way.

Securing your money just got so much easier with the new digital wallet. How?

The money on your account will be secure whether you lose your smartphone or not.

With the new mMoney wallet, you won’t lose your money, even if your smartphone is lost or stolen. Because your money can’t be accessed by anyone without your email and password.

mMoney is a wallet just like a physical one, so you simply put as much money as you need into it—as often as you like. Just visit our main office in Hastings Plaza or one of our select mMoney Merchants to top up your account.

So if you lost your phone, dropped it into the sea or had it stolen, you could simply log in with your email and password when you get your new phone, or for peace of mind, log on to our website to check your balance.

And this is just one of the many ways a digital wallet like mMoney is better; with the ability to send money to friends and family without all the crazy fees, or trying to remember where you spent that last $20. There’s no more searching for exact bills, or storing loose change.

In fact, with the mMoney digital wallet, the only thing to lose is your past worries!

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