Injunction against call centre extended

BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Thursday April 28, 2011 – A High Court judge has extended an injunction against a US-based internet cable company following its dismissal without warning of 131 workers last month.

Earlier this month, Justice Errol Thomas granted the injunction that prevents Clear Harbor (Nevis) Ltd. from getting rid of any of its assets until it settles its debts to workers and others owed in the twin-island federation.

Following a new hearing this week, he has issued a further order. 

Clear Harbor is barred from disposing, transferring, charging, dissipating, or diminishing or in any way, whatsoever, dealing with any assets held in the names of the companies and persons named in the injunction.

Labour Commissioner Spencer Amory sought the injunction after the company shut down its operations on March 30, terminating the employment of all its workers.

Clear Harbor still owes the employees wages, holiday pay and payment in lieu of notice.

The company also owes monies to the Social Security Board for Social Security and Employment benefits, Severance Payments and Housing Levy, taxes to the Inland Revenue Department, and for electricity and water supplies.

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