Jamaican lottery scammers targeting US again

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Thursday March 29, 2012 – Jamaica’s reputation is once again being tarnished within the United States as media in the state of Maine are reporting that senior citizens there are being targeted by con artists from the island.

The scammers who are reportedly from Jamaica are calling the US elderly telling them that they have won huge lottery jackpots, a report from WLBZ-TV outlined.

This latest scam warning follows on the heels of a joint operation between US and Jamaican authorities late last year which saw dozens of Jamaicans in Montego Bay held for their involvement in another such lottery scam that also targeted US citizens.

The report added that law enforcement officials, representatives from New England telecommunications firm FairPoint Communications, and senior advocates are putting out a warning … “Beware of telephone scams coming from the 876 area code.”

Scammers are focusing on Maine because of its large population of elderly citizens. Many of them live alone and welcome a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

Before long that person on the other end of the line has convinced his victim to empty their bank account and send it to him.

According to the report, officials say their best line of defence is to educate senior citizens and their adult children.

FairPoint Communications has created a website and is putting an informational video out with advice and tips through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)