LIAT cuts back on Guyana service amid security concerns

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, February 28, 2008 – Concerns about the safety of LIAT pilots and cabin crew have prompted the airline’s management to cut back on its service to Guyana for the time being

The airline has also warned of disruptions in its services as a result of maintenance issues and crew challenges among other reasons. But it has assured that it’s working to resolve those problems.

On the issue of addressing security concerns, LIAT said it would now fly into Georgetown on mornings rather than provide a night service.

“Additionally, back-up aircraft for both the Antigua and Barbados bases will be made available to protect the integrity of the schedule. As well, the expertise of a Flight Operations Consultant has been sought as the airline seeks to fine-tune it operations,” it said.

“With regards to crew, the airline has been impacted on in a few quarters: the high level of uncertified sickness and the resignations of crew as a result of having been head-hunted by other airlines,” the airline added.

LIAT said it was also training additional flight attendants and pilots to join the staff next month and make up for the shortfall.