Magazines Just Vanity Publishing | Greg Hoyos



By Greg Hoyos

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Thursday September 28, 2017 – As the relentless and often brutal pace of change continues in communications, it’s sad to see the state that local magazines has been reduced to.

Subscriptions are non-existent, readership (of all printed material) is down and advertisers are looking elsewhere. It’s a cultural loss too; great titles like ‘Bim’ and ‘The Bajan’, which used to spotlight local people and writing, have disappeared.

In fact, the few surviving magazines today have become vanity pieces; they exist mainly by featuring someone’s profile or product in return for advertising. You see dozens of the same issue, piled up and gathering dust, in doctor’s and agencies’ waiting rooms – and anywhere else they can be dumped. It’s a shame.

Worse, opening one subjects the reader to a litany of promotions badly disguised as editorial. A quick flick through and the issue is replaced.

It’s not the editors’ fault. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s the way things are.

But it’s sad to see nevertheless.

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Greg Hoyos is founder and chairman at GHA DDB. He started his first regional ad agency in 1970; has won five CLIOs (including the 1979 Worldwide Copywriting statue) and numerous Caribbean ADDYs; and is the author of ‘Marketing and Demand’ and ‘A History of Marketing in 32 Objects’. He can be reached at (246) 234-4110 or