How To Manage People | Greg Hoyos



By Greg Hoyos

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Friday September 22, 2017 – I was a managing director in my own company for 10 years before I went to work in the corporate world in Sydney.

To my horror, I discovered I had been a useless manager.

Reason: as your own boss, you never learn to really look after people. You never learn to listen, take on their problems, help them achieve their goals, and try to align your goals with theirs.

Working at large multinational agencies in Sydney, I learned a lot from people who managed me. And I was amazed at how much I didn’t know.

I learned fast; there’s no patience for laggards in the big corporate world.

I came back a better person – a manager. Not someone who always had to be number 1, not as someone who would order people around, regardless of their own needs and ability.

With a good people-manager there’s no room for pride or selfishness. You get things done by letting – helping – others succeed. Their failures are your failures, and their successes are theirs alone.

For me, it was a lesson I never knew I needed.

But one I never forgot.

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Greg Hoyos is founder and chairman at GHA DDB. He started his first regional ad agency in 1970; has won five CLIOs (including the 1979 Worldwide Copywriting statue) and numerous Caribbean ADDYs; and is the author of ‘Marketing and Demand’ and ‘A History of Marketing in 32 Objects’. He can be reached at (246) 234-4110 or