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NEW YORK, United States, Thursday February 12, 2015 – Financial stress at home can lead to a breakdown of the family unit, especially when the excessive pressure leads to behaviours that cause individuals to become unwell. While failing to cope with finances, some people turn to overeating, uncontrollable anger and an excessive use of alcohol consumption. The best route to success is to analyse your finances and create a plan to help take you out of the demanding episode.

The poor health that often follows financial stress can cause both emotional and physical illness among family members. When stress leads to anger, words are often spoken that are not meant, but may not be forgotten. Recent statistics found that fighting about money in the home at least once a week makes almost one third of all couples more likely to reach for their divorce papers.

The people involved with the stressful financial circumstances must find a good way to analyse where the problems are so they can find a way back to a healthier lifestyle.

The starting point is for both partners, whether married or not, to assess and understand their current situation. Being realistic is vitally important if you are to struggle out to the other side without further problems.

Many people choose the route of denial and this certainly won’t help your circumstances which will inevitably get worse before you were forced to do something that may not be of your choice.

Brainstorming the situation together is extremely helpful as a problem shared is a problem halved as the cliché suggests because hiding the problems from your spouse or partner will only form a barrier between you which will become harder to break down, the longer it goes on.

By understanding where all of your money goes and comparing that to your income, you will quickly see what you can cut out so that you can afford to live within your income model. By listing everything you buy during the course of a month, which includes the more difficult costs like rent or mortgage to the much smaller expenses like buying an expensive coffee from the high street, you will be able to carefully assess where every dollar and cent is going.

You will probably be amazed that a lot of the stress will disappear after you have shared the problem and understood exactly where you are spending your money.

As you list all of your income and expenses, you must be realistic about what you can really afford and if your finances are too tight, you may have to consider moving to accommodation that will cost you less so you can afford your lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with taking advice from people that you trust who may have been in the same circumstances as yourselves in the past, or have a greater knowledge of budgeting and planning finances so that you know exactly what you can spend your money on.

Cutting out the expensive coffee may allow you to pay more of your credit card than usual which will reduce the amount of money that needs to be paid in interest and allows you to apply more money to relieve your financial woes and the stressful situation.

You always have the option to go out and work more to make more money to remove your financial stresses and often it is worth checking to see that the money you are paying out is getting the best deal for you, particularly when you consider insurance and utility payments.

Understanding your financial problems and then planning your way out will bring a couple together because you will be able to achieve great things if you set your mind to it, plan correctly and then ensure that you keep to your new targets.

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