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Drake arrives at the Google Music Launch at Mr. Brainwash Studio on November 16, 2011

Samuel Rosenberg

NEW YORK, United States, Thursday February 26, 2015 – Drake, the Canadian rapper and songwriter, in his song “Started from the Bottom” (discretion is advised) provides an interesting message for those setting out a career path for the years ahead.

You should not expect to go into any business and be the boss straight away – unless you move into self-employment and you are always your own boss. Unfortunately, while we live in a generation of individuals requiring instant gratification, to buy the latest cell phone or tablet computer when you cannot afford one, there is often no patience for employees to develop skills and expertise in their chosen profession.

You would not move from private to captain and on to the rank of general after just a few days after being employed by the Armed Forces, so why would you expect to gain sufficient knowledge and experience without putting in the work, effort and learn from those teaching you in your occupation?

Look at the people that you respect the most and find out more about how they reached their current position in life. Sir Richard Branson sold records on a market stall; your favourite footballer put in years of training before making the reserve team and finally the first-eleven of the club that you support. Many successful CEOs started their business careers by flipping burgers or washing cars, sweeping floors or peeling potatoes.

The important message is that you need to understand every aspect of your business to be able to manage it effectively. How would you expect to tell someone how to carry out a task if you didn’t know yourself?

As you consider assessing different industries and occupations, you can build a career path towards your long-term targets to be successful; almost everyone has to start from the bottom

A career path does not usually accidentally occur and prove successful. It is easier to plan, harness and manage your career so that you can rise to successful positions which all lead towards your end goals.

You will assess which new skills and the knowledge you require for each stage along your career, and your educational achievements will be designed to move you forwards.

You wouldn’t expect to write a novel in a weekend, but you can plan the pages and the chapters so that over a suitable course of time your novel will be completed. Your career path can be planned with the same expectations otherwise the achievements and targets may initially appear too daunting.

For people who plan ahead properly, you will be able to decide how long you need to stay in a job before you can move on to another and ensure that your CV looks great at all times. You might have to make some temporary changes along the way, to pull you back on target, but if you plan to be the CEO of your local hospital, government department or run Amazon or Coca-Cola, a well-managed career path is essential for your success.

Once your employees or the people that you supervise understand that you know every job inside out and could carry out their tasks successfully, they will provide you with the respect that you are due. Then you can tell yourself “started from the bottom, now we’re here.”

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