Tens of thousands of Jamaicans switch phone providers under number portability

Woman On The PhoneKINGSTON, Jamaica, Monday August 31, 2015 – Jamaicans are taking advantage of the number portability introduced in June, with about 33,000 cell phone and land line accounts being transferred from one provider to another.

That was disclosed by Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell who said the figures set a strong signal that consumers were satisfied they now had the ability and freedom to change service providers, without losing their telephone numbers.

Initially, number portability is only being facilitated from mobile to mobile and fixed line to fixed line

“For me it doesn’t matter where they go, it is the freedom the consumer now has. We have enabled every single Jamaican to have that control,” Paulwell said.


Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell (left), conversing with Managing Director of LIME/Flow, Gary Sinclair. (Photo: JIS/Rodger Hutchinson)

The minister congratulated LIME, one of the two major telecommunication service providers in the island, for its role in the introduction and full roll out of number portability in the island.

He said Jamaica has again showed its ability to adapt to change, which has allowed a seamless introduction of the number portability regime.

Paulwell also hailed the merger between LIME and Flow, noting that it has facilitated more competition between providers.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of LIME/Flow, Gary Sinclair said the merger was a significant breakthrough of opportunities for Jamaicans, and he said the company had been doing well.

“We’ve gone from under 300,000 active mobile subscribers to nearly 900,000 mobile subscribers to date, and from US$40 million in mobile revenues to over US$70 million in revenue,” he said.

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