US$12 per call UK visa information telephone enquiry

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, August 31, 2007 –  The British government has introduced two new services to assist with visa applications – one is a telephone service that will cost US$12 per call to speak with an agent in the UK.

The other is a website,

The British High Commission in Barbados said it will no longer provide visa advice to personal or telephone callers. All information must be had via the website or premium phone line. Queries on applications sent to the commission in Barbados may be submitted by e-mail to the “send an e-mail enquiry” link on the new website.

It said that these new services are part of a worldwide initiative by UKVisas, the overseas arm of the UK’s integrated border management, to standardise the information available to applicants around the world.

Anyone requiring information about visas for the UK can to speak to visa information service agents by calling +44 20 8099 5455 between 9:00 am BST and 5:00 pm BST from Monday to Friday.

Each call will cost the equivalent of US$12, payable by a credit or debit card with the Visa or Master Card logo using a secure, automated system.

The cost of the phone call to the UK is not included in this fee.

Visa Information Service agents will be able to e-mail applicants all related documents, including checklists, leaflets and official forms.

All information available through the telephone service will be available free on the internet at

The premium telephone service is run by UKVisas’ commercial partner, WorldBridge.