US blockade hurting Cuba’s telecommunications industry

HAVANA, Cuba, Thursday September 22, 2011 – For the 20th time in a row Cuba is using the United Nations platform to demand that the economic embargo imposed by the United States on trade with Cuba be lifted as its telecommunications sector is being crippled by closed access to funds.

Last February, Syniverse, a global company that provides technology and business services for the telecommunications industry stopped paying Cuba´s ETECSA telecommunications company roaming services for cell phones, a major source of income for the Cuban firm.

According to Cuban authorities, Synivere owes ETECSA some US$2.6 million US dollars and explains that its bank cannot carry out any transaction with Cuba.

Furthermore Cuban officials report, the over-50-year US economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba has inflicted Cuba surpassing US$7 million dollars from May, 2010, through April, 2011.

According to Prensa Latina news agency, the Cuban report presented at the United Nations affirms that the U.S. aggressiveness focused both on hindering Cuban telecommunication companies from purchasing components and equipment for this sector and putting obstacles on the use of Internet services, particularly the social networks, by Cubans.

Last October, the social networking Twitter, with over 100 million users worldwide, admitted its full responsibility in having blocked the cell phone messenger service from Cuba to its platform; and last April, it prevented Cubans from using some of its tools on the argument that Cuba is banned from using them.

The Cuban authorities, with widespread international support, will demand the lifting of the blockade for the 20th occasion in a row at the UN.

According to the Cuban Report, presented last week at the United Nations, the US blockade has caused loses calculated at one trillion dollars, Prensa Latina reported. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)