Two tropical systems show signs of development

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Jul 30, 2007 – Hurricane forecasters are closely monitoring two disturbances in the Atlantic which are showing signs of organising and have the potential to develop into tropical depressions.

The first one being monitored is a 1015 millibar low pressure area about 175 miles west of Bermuda near 33 degrees north and 67 degrees west at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time (EST).

The National Hurricane Centre in Miami said that environmental conditions are only marginally favourable for significant development however it appears as though the system could become a tropical or subtropical cyclone before merging with a frontal boundary in a couple of days as it moves north-eastward around 12 to 14 miles per hour (mph).

The second area is a vigorous tropical wave which has been showing signs of becoming better organised over the last several hours. At 1130am EST the wave was located 950 miles east of the southern Windward Islands. Forecasters say that “slow development” of this system is “possible” during the next couple of days.

Early computer tracking models being run by the hurricane centre show a path across the southern Windward Island in a 200-mile swath from Grenada in the south to St Lucia north.

The hurricane centre will update its outlook at 5:30pm EST and again at 11:30pm EST.