3 Things You’ll Never Miss With Your mMoney Digital Wallet – And The Proof

Counting change is a thing of the past with an mMoney wallet.


  1. Counting change. When you make a payment with your digital wallet, you pay the exact amount, leaving no room for you to miscount your change or making a hassle to store them.
  2. You can’t pay the “wrong” person. Every requested transaction produces a unique QR-code to activate payment. So it’s automatically the right amount to the right person, every time. And your mMoney wallet stores a digital receipt confirming that fact.Here’s a tip: You can also store that contact for future reference. Let’s say you sent money to your friend by scanning her QR code, you can simply add her as a contact to make it even easier for you to send her money in the future.
  3. Worry about robbery. Your money is safe at all times, because mMoney is backed by internet security and blockchain technology, your money is safely held for you, protected by both your personal ID and password. So even if your phone is lost or stolen, your money can’t be accessed by someone else – unlike cash.

More and more outlets are joining the mMoney network daily.  The merchant network for the mMoney wallet is growing so rapidly, with over 150 merchants accepting digital payments. Visit the map tab in the mMoney wallet app where you will see all of mMoney’s merchants.

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