Alleged murderer admits to other crimes against visitors

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, March 27, 2009 – The man who is accused of murdering Canadian visitor Terry Schwarzfeld has been jailed for robbing five other people, including tourists, on the same beach where the fatal attack allegedly occurred.

When he appeared in the magistrate’s court, Curtis Joel Foster, 24, was not allowed to plea to the indictable charge of murdering Schwarzfeld, but he pleaded guilty to the five 2008 robberies on Long Beach in the southern parish of Christ Church.

Although he was sentenced to two years in prison on each count, the sentences will run concurrently.

Foster faced eight charges in all – the five to which he pleaded guilty and the indictable offences of murdering Schwarzfeld, robbing her daughter-in-law Luana Cotsman of US$640 in money and other items, and raping a German visitor in July 2008.

The crimes for which he took responsibility were robbing Belgian tourist Annie Goris of more than US$117 in money and items last December; robbing English visitor John Barnes of cash and articles valued at over US$1,079 and robbing Claudine Sesions of US$1,159 in money and articles, both in November; and robbing Shelly Legault and Kathy Foster of cash and items valued at US$120 on April 8th.

Foster will return to court on April 21st.

Schwarzfeld was left in an unconscious state on February 28th after being hit at the back of her head while walking along the beach with Cotsman. Cotsman was also injured, but the 60-year-old Schwarzfeld, who was knocked unconscious, was a few days later airlifted to an Ottawa hospital. She passed away there last Wednesday and buried a few days later.