Anti-Gay Jamaican website warned

NEW YORK, NY, February 26, 2007 – An anti-gay site, claiming to be based in Jamaica, has raised the ire of gay activists and reportedly forced search engine Google to warn against its content.

The extremely graphic site, and dot org, rants against gays and carries graphic pictures and illustrations, including one that shows a hanging noose and what appears to be a mob trying to hang two men.

It also is extremely critical of Peter Tachell, a British gay rights activist while quoting Biblical scripture positing that homosexuality is wrong. “In the Bible it clearly states: “…If any man lyeth with mankinde as he lyeth with a woeman, both of them have committed abhomination, they both shall surely be put to death,” writes the blogger, whose name is not listed. is claiming responsibility for raising awareness on the “homophobic” content of the blog with Goggle and with the British Association of Chief Police Officers. The Internet Watch Foundation has also been reportedly been told of the site. It is reported that Google has placed a warning about that site, stating: “Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog’s content is hateful.” But when HBN visited last night, the warning was nowhere to be seen.

Interestingly, the site is ranked extremely low and is not highly trafficking according to ranking engine Alexa. It is ranked at 7,125,364.

Jamaica, like most Caribbean countries, has a ban on sodomy. But unlike many other Caribbean destinations, the island of reggae has faced most criticism as a “homophobic” country. Gay activists have launched a crusade against singers they perceive as anti-gay, which has resulted in several performances being cancelled.

While the island has been bashed by rights groups like Human Rights Watch as a place where violence against gays is rampant. (Copyright