“Hit the Road,” Party Tells New Opposition Leader

A fiery leader of the Free National Movement, Dr. Hubert Minnis said Opposition Leader Loretta Butler-Turner won’t be representing the party in the next general elections.

NASSAU, The Bahamas, Friday December 16, 2016
– Newly appointed Opposition Leader Loretta Butler-Turner suffers her first major backlash after leading six of her Free National Movement (FNM) colleagues to force the removal of Dr Hubert Minnis from the post last Wednesday.

In a strike back, the FNM has revoked her nomination as the party’s candidate for Long Island in upcoming general elections.

With Ray Charles’ popular song Hit the Road Jack blaring in the background, Dr Minnis made the announcement at a political rally late Wednesday.

“Do you think we have time to be fooling around with those outgoing MPs when our people are dying on the streets, losing jobs, losing their homes, unable to pay their light bills, unable to send their children to schools, unable to receive proper medical care?

“If you’re for doing nothing while people are hurting, I said ‘hit the road, Jack’, and I meant it,” Minnis told a cheering crowd.

Opposition Leader Loretta Butler-Turner

Declaring himself the only leader of the FNM, he insisted the party did not deserve the actions taken by the seven dissident MPs.

Minnis claimed he made every effort to engage the rebel MPs, but to no avail, and the party was ready to move on to end the reign of the Perry Christie-led Progressive Liberal Party administration.

Adamant that the FNM would win the election, Minnis rolled out a rescue plan which would entail a new programme to boost entrepreneurship, initiatives to encourage more locals to get involved in the local transport sector, and anti-corruption legislation.

The FNM’s action against Butler-Turner comes mere days after some of her constituents submitted a petition calling for nomination to be revoked.

In response to the petition, Butler-Turner said she was not losing any sleep over the matter and she was prepared to accept whatever decision the FNM would make.

“If the FNM decided to withdraw or rescind (the) ratification of me then I will have to know what I will do. . . . It is up to the people of Long Island to decide what they want to do,” she said.

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