Sasha and Malia Obama celebrate spring break in the Bahamas

PARADISE ISLAND, Bahamas, Thursday March 28, 2013 – United States President Barack Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia are vacationing at the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, according to a Breitbart News report.

The First Daughters’ spring break trip was not publicly announced or reported, and both the White House and the Atlantis resort declined to comment, but another guest provided a photograph of Sasha and Malia at the resort.

Reports of the First Daughters’ presence at Atlantis have also appeared in social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

One person at the resort wrote: “Rumour confirmed: friends saw the first daughters with a gaggle of friends being escorted to the held elevator.” Another tweeted: “Obama daughters at the same restaurant as me…in the bahamas.”

A third tweeted that she was excited to see Sasha and Malia at Club Crush, the resort’s nightclub for teenagers: “OBAMA’S DAUGHTERS SMILED AND WAVED AT ME. I WAS IN THE SAME ROOM AS OBAMA’S DAUGHTERS.”

Club Crush is described by Atlantis as the “ultimate nightclub for teens ages 13 to 17 and tweens ages 9 to 13 vacationing on Paradise Island.”

A photograph of what another hotel guest claimed was the motorcade for “the Obama crew” was also posted on Twitter. 

Breitbart indicated that it was unclear at the time of writing if First Lady Michelle Obama was also at the resort, or if she was planning to join her daughters there.

The publication also said that it was unclear how long the first daughters would be staying in the Bahamas, or what the cost would be to American taxpayers.

The White House cancelled public tours earlier this month as a result of the recent budget sequester, citing Secret Service staffing costs.

A report by Judicial Watch indicated that Malia Obama’s trip to Mexico last spring break, during which she was apparently accompanied by Secret Service protection, cost taxpayers US$115,500.87.(Source: Breitbart News)  Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)