Bahamian nabbed in coke bust

MIAMI, USA, July 31, 2006 – A Freeport, Bahamas national was among two men nabbed Friday by US Coast Guards in a huge coke bust that netted US$16.4 million worth of powdered cocaine.

Coast Guard officials arrested Tristan Seymour, 22, of Freeport and Quincy Garvey, 41, of no place of abode, aboard a 42-foot sport fishing boat, the Gypsy, after authorities claimed they looked suspicious. The boat was towed to a shipyard in Fort Pierce where 400 grams of cocaine was found inside five suitcases.

The two were being held without bail Saturday in St. Lucie County. The duo had apparently taken off from the Grand Bahama Island for the U.S. and were nabbed 25 miles east of Fort Pierce. Seymour and Garvey reportedly claimed they were paid to bring the drugs into the U.S.

A U.S. State Department report, issued this year, claims the Bahamas is a major drug transshipment point for cocaine being smuggled to the U.S. (

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