Barbados gets Guinness World Record

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, June 25, 2008 – Barbados has been honoured with a Guinness World Record, acknowledging it as the country to have received the most ocean rowers on its shores.
The award was presented at a ceremony hosted by the Ocean Rowers Society in London and attended by over 150 people, including Barbadian, Phil Als who rowed the Atlantic with Randel Valdez in 2003.
The Guinness World Record was achieved as a result of 101 people having rowed the Atlantic to Barbados, a distance of approximately 2,550 nautical miles.
The first boat comprising a crew of 14, which sailed across the Atlantic in 33 days, 30 hours and seven minutes, arrived in Barbados on January 14, 2008.
The Atlantic Rowing Race is the most famous ocean-rowing event and is largely responsible for the sport’s higher profile in recent years. The human endurance, strength and mental discipline required have led to ocean rowing being described as ‘the new Everest’. 
It has also been announced that Barbados will be the destination of the 2010 Atlantic Rowing Race. 
On receiving the award on behalf of Barbados, European Vice-President of Marketing and Sales at the Barbados Tourism Authority, Petra Roach, said Barbados is extremely proud to be associated with such valour and courage.