Barbados government takes over domain names

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, January 30, 2008 – The Barbados government, through its Telecommunications Unit and with the agreement of Cable and Wireless (Barbados) Ltd, will take over the administration of the country code Top Level Domain “.bb” from February 18, 2008.

This was disclosed today by government’s senior telecommunications officer, Winston Devonish, who pointed out that “the policy is in accordance with the Telecommunications Act.”

He explained that “country code domain names are usually administered by or for respective governments. In 1996, Cable and Wireless (C&W) assumed the administration of the “.bb” domain name from the University of Puerto Rico. The Memorandum of Understanding signed on October 16, 2001, between the Government of Barbados and C&W (Bartel) Ltd.  and C&W (BET) Ltd. provided  for C&W to continue to perform the role of administration of the “.bb” domain name until such date as determined by the Government.”

Devonish further noted that “with the liberalisation of the telecommunications sector in Barbados, consideration had to be given to the continued administration of the domain name registration. The Inter-American Telecommunications Commission had advised that the management of domain names involves government entities, academic entities, NGO’s and the private sector.”

“There was an exchange of correspondence between the telecommunications Unit and C&W in relation to the governments taking over of the administration of the “.bb” domain name, including the training of staff.”

A domain name is a user friendly form of internet address which is commonly used to find websites. Domain names are also used in email addresses and file transfers. The domain name provides for the easy identification of one computer from the millions of others connected to the Internet. It is also used for corporate branding and marketing of goods and services, and for protection of famous names and marks.