Barbados court convicts Caribbean nationals on drug related charges

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Tuesday October 29, 2013, CMC – Police said that two Caribbean nationals were ordered to pay more than BDS$200,000 (One BDS dollar = US$0.50 cents) in fines after they were found guilty of several drug related charges on Monday.

A police statement said that 28-year-old Lamar Osbourne of Jamaica had pleaded guilty to four drug related charges and was fined DBS$20,000 to be paid forthwith of serve 18 months in jail on the charge of importation of drugs.

The statement said that he was convicted, reprimanded and discharged (CRD) on the other charges.

Osbourne arrived here on October 25, and after clearing Immigration and Customs, was intercepted, and interviewed by members of the Drug Squad.

The court was told on Monday that he was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) where he later passed 68 packages of cannabis weighting 1.5 pounds which he had ingested.

Trinidad and Tobago national, Nerry Beryl Joefield, 40, appeared in court on Monday charged with possession of four pounds of cocaine, trafficking in cocaine as well as possession with intent to supply and the importation of cocaine.

The court was told that she arrived from Trinidad on October 26 and a search of her luggage revealed a false bottom containing the drugs.

Joefield was was fined BDS$120,000 to be paid forthwith or face three years in jail on the charge of possession with intent to supply.

The Tobagonian was also fined BDS$120,000 to be paid forthwith or three years in prison on the charge of Importation, while she was CRD on the remaining charges. Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)