Too much sex on TV, says Minister of Family

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Friday May 20, 2011 – Minister of Family Stephen Lashley has lamented that there is “too much sexuality and promotion of homosexuality” on television and has called for more to be done to prevent those negative images from reaching young people in their homes.

He told a gathering of close to 100 secondary school children, their guidance counsellors and staff of the Child Care Board at a Youth Forum this week that it was a matter that needed all their attention.

The island’s sole television station, which is one of two cable providers in the island, is controlled by government.

“If we are serious about combating teenage pregnancy we have to initiate a national debate about what we are showing our teens on television and the movies we are taking home from the video shops for them to watch. More parental guidance and control are needed,” he said.

Lashley further called on the children themselves to take a firm stand by refusing to watch unwholesome television programmes, stressing that there is “absolutely nothing wrong in saying ‘no’ to homosexuality and promiscuity”.

Acknowledging that the decision to engage in early sexual activity could be difficult, especially when they are so many differing opinions on the matter, he advised the young people to consider all the facts and be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Meantime, Lashley has pledged his Ministry’s support in the fight to control the incidence of teenage pregnancy and further promised that government would continue to work with all the relevant partners to ensure resources were made available to assist in that area.

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