Belize police hunt for gunmen who opened fire on house killing toddler

Police-Line-Bullets-740BELMOPAN, Belize, Wednesday February 25, 2015, CMC – Police were searching for the gunmen that shot and killed a two-year-old toddler while he slept during the early hours on Tuesday.

Media reports said that David Espat had become the youngest victim of the unending violence that has spread its tentacles throughout the island.

“So far we still haven’t confirmed what is the motive. We were looking at the angle of maybe if it was a retaliation…but we don’t have a clear motive. We are investigating and trying to figure out or to find out what is the motive,” said Police Superintendent Luis Castellanos, of the O.C. Coastal Executive Unit.

Media reports said that Daniel, who was shot twice in the head, is the sixth member of his family to have been murdered since 2012.

His 33-year-old mother, Aleyda Espat, was shot in the elbow, but his father, Rolando Espat Sr., the intended target of the gunmen, escaped unhurt as the gunmen fired shots at the apartment in San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

“Everything happened so fast right. I heard maybe eight or ten shots, I didn’t count it at the time but it was many shots. So when I heard the gunshots [were] over I tell my wife, “Everybody okay? Is the baby okay?” She said, “The baby is not moving, I think he got shot,” Espat said.

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