Former Belize prime minister claims he is on a hit list

BELMOPAN, Belize, Friday January 18, 2013 – Former prime minister Said Musa says he believes he is on a hit list after gunmen fired a number of shots at his home earlier this week.

Police are still searching for those responsible for the incident on Tuesday night, but Musa, who served as prime minister from 1998-2008, said that he had been receiving threats before the gunmen fired several shots at his home in the city.

“I must tell you my gut feeling is that those threats in December are just coincidental to what happened,” he said, adding “I don’t believe the two things are linked at all,” he said, adding that while the threats had stopped briefly, they started again on the day his house was fired upon.

“I really don’t think it was extortion. I think it was a hit,” he said on a television programme.

Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez said that “a total of 5 nine millimetre expended shells were recovered from the scene,” and that “the front door and the glass on the rear passenger door of a vehicle in the yard” were damaged.

Musa Said is linking the shots being fired at his home to the ongoing criminal activities here and the recent murders of four men, whose bodies were found in an apartment building.

“I believe the whole climate we’re in right now, especially following what took place…last Tuesday with the coldp-blooded slaying of these four people in their beds in their rooms.

“I believe that has sent a chilling effect on the whole political climate in this country, political, social and economic climate in this country. It has affected our culture so traumatically that we can expect this kind of reaction happening and I would not divorce that from what happened…to me at my home,” he added.

Musa, who said he has not met with Prime Minister Dean Barrow since the incident, said he believes the message being sent is that “they figure if they send it to me as the former prime minister it will get back to all of us to understand, to the whole political class if you like, in this country…you all might think you can control the situation here, but we can decide when and where and who to hit when we want”.

The former prime minister said he has now been provided with round the clock protection by the police. (CMC) Click here to receive free news bulletins via email from Caribbean360. (View sample)