Bermuda’s Ruling Party Makes Big Promises As Elections Near

Bermuda Premier Michael Dunkley announcing the OBA’s plans, flanked by some of his party colleagues. (Photo Credit: One Bermuda Alliance Facebook page)


HAMILTON, Bermuda, Tuesday July 4, 2017 – Better days are ahead for Bermuda, the ruling One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) has promised, as it sets out its case for re-election.

With just two weeks to go before the July 18 vote, Premier Michael Dunkley rolled out the party’s 30-page manifesto, ‘Our Mission, Our Plans to Move Bermuda Forward Together’.

“It is a plan that reflects the confidence and the promise of Bermuda. This is a plan to progress Bermudian life,” he said flanked by some of his party colleagues at a media briefing yesterday.

The OBA is promising sweeping changes which it says will deliver “more opportunity, more jobs, more economic stability and shared prosperity”.

Pressed to explain the party’s failure to deliver the 2,000 jobs it promised in the previous general election, Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Bob Richards said the party’s plan were set back due to a lack of support from the Opposition.

He stressed the election was about boosting the support of Bermudians to “finish the job”.

According to the manifesto, the OBA will be targeting special areas, including the development of families, education, protecting Bermudians, environment, enriching community life, health and safety, public safety, good governance and the economy.

Dunkley said a top priority would be creating a more fair Bermuda, which would include ending discrepancies between Bermudian and foreign workers in housing and compensation, passing hate crime and cannabis forgiveness legislation, lowering taxes for low income workers and balancing the budget.

St George West MP Nandi Outerbridge outlined initiatives geared at assisting the development of children.

She announced that an OBA government would seek to launch a Jump Start Savings account of $2,500 that would be given to each newborn Bermudian and other measures including flexible working hours for parents, and paternity leave entitlements.

The OBA is also promising special initiatives for the elderly, including the protection of pension funds, the creation of a caregiver resource centre, and the expansion of home hospice care.

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