Bridge Over Shallow Waters Could Link These Two Sister Islands

st kitts nevis bridge

A two-mile strait separates the two sister islands for now.


BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, Tuesday August 23, 2016 – A shallow two-mile channel called The Narrows separates St. Kitts from its sister isle Nevis. But if Public Infrastructure Minister Ian Liburd’s plan comes to fruition, as he is sure it will, a bridge will be built over that strait within another four years.

He says two proposals that could make it easier to travel between the twin islands, are awaiting Cabinet’s consideration.

“I commit to you that as the Minister of Public Infrastructure that I will drive that [initiative],” Liburd said at a recent town hall meeting. “And I know I have the full support of the entire Cabinet and the Minister of Finance [Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris].”

The minister said the bridge would bring the peoples of the islands closer together and facilitate greater inter-island travel. He also referred to already announced plans by the Federal Cabinet to alternate the location for meetings between St. Kitts and Nevis.

Officials have also predicted an increase in, and greater distribution of, economic activity once the bridge is built.

Liburd said he expects the project to be completed before the end of the first term of the National Unity government, which constitutionally ends in 2020.

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